September 16, 2018, Love Lifted Me – Helen Harris, guest speaker

To listen to this sermon, click here:  Z0000098

One late night, when I was a little girl, I got out of my bed. Finding my way, I moved my hand along the wall in the darkened hallway that led to the bathroom. I don’t remember falling down the stairs, all I remember is the sound. Broken silence of a peaceful night, the crash of breaking glass of cola bottles on the back stairway, and my Father’s commanding voice “whoever it is don’t move.” He knew it was one of his children and maybe they were hurt.

As I laid still in the dark in the shattered glass at the bottom of the stairs, almost instantly a light appeared, and I heard my Father saying again, don’t move. He hurried down the stairs in his bare feet and gently lifted me in his arms searching for cuts and broken bones. After finding none, he pulled me close and began to cry.

Jesus wants to wrap his arms around each of us and always keep us safe from harm.

Paul had a since of urgency in speaking to the Jews and Gentiles at the synagogue.

Paul spoke of King David who had served an age and generation in which he lived; the promise was that his “son” would reign forever. David was to serve one generation where Jesus would serve every generation as the Son of God with his resurrection of our faith when we walk with him. God fulfilled his promise and faithfulness to David and our ancestors to raise Jesus, whose bones would never see decay. The resurrection of Jesus was the great proof he was the Son of God. There were many witnesses who traveled with Jesus in Galilee to Jerusalem as further proof of his resurrection.

Under the law of Moses, a person was allowed to rid himself of a certain amount of sin, but there was still more to be confessed. “Both Jews and Gentiles were in a state of guilt unable to attain righteousness and justification by the works of the law.” Many had been the ones who had rejected Jesus which had led to his crucifixion. The law served the purpose of confining and holding us all captive under sin, until the promise by faith in Jesus Christ was revealed. Those who were ready to embrace and believe and accept Christ would be justified by their faith. Paul said that the law was our guardian until Christ came in order that we might be justified.

With Christ who died and rose, we are given the forgiveness of sins, and only forgiven through him. By dying on the cross, he showed us how much he loved us. Believing and trusting in Jesus, you will receive full and complete forgiveness of your sins. If we truly believe and trust in him, he will offer us salvation.

The good news of a new world was beginning and the risen Jesus, the Messiah, God’s son was the new gift of grace for everyone to receive.

Jesus wants us to love one another, to shape our lives after him. He gives us the promise of a life with Him and in Him to enter into a one true real relationship. When we place our faith in Jesus, he offers us Grace, being one with Him, giving us eternal life in heaven.

That night at the bottom of the stairs an angel watching over me. With Him there was no darkness as I waited for the light.

My Dad passed away many years ago. He showed love and compassion for his family and children all of his life; and I know God gently lifted him on his last day. Amen.

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