Monthly Archives: June, 2015

June 28, 2015 – The Law Writ Backward

To listen to this sermon, click here: 111105_001 This year is the second year, year B, of the Lectionary, so we’ll be reading through the gospel of Mark, from the Pentecost season we’re in now up to next Advent, which marks the beginning of the new Church year. So we’ll be getting familiar with what …

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June 21, 2015 – Who’s in the Boat?

To listen to this sermon, click here: 111029_001 Jesus and the twelve had spent a long day, surrounded by crowds, probably thousands, of desperate people, teaching and healing. Matthew says that on that day Jesus cast out evil spirits with a word, and healed everyone who was sick. And when night began to close in, …

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June 14, 2015 – The Kingdom in the Dirt

To listen to this sermon, click here: 111022_001 Two months ago, the eager-beaver gardeners at our house decided we should document our 2015 garden by taking photographs to show its progress. It was such a long winter this year, and we were so excited that you could actually see dirt and grass out the windows …

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