Monthly Archives: March, 2012

Mar. 18, 2012 Lent 4 “The Bronze Serpent”

Chapter 18 of the second book of Kings tells the story of a young king named Hezekiah who came to the throne in Judah at the age of twenty-five. It was around the year 700 B.C., three hundred years after the golden age of King David, and Israel had split into two kingdoms: the Northern …

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Mar. 11, 2012 Lent 3 “The Cleansing of the Temple”

The gospel passage about the cleansing of the Temple always has a jarring feel to it, I think, because Jesus seems to be acting much more human than we are comfortable with. We know that Jesus is compassionate, that he is humble, that he is wise, that he has authority to heal diseases and cast …

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Mar. 4, 2012 Lent 2 “Take Up Your Cross”

I’m going to ask you to imagine that you have a good friend named Bill. You’ve known Bill for thirty-five years, ever since you lived on the same street when your families were both young. Bill drove you to the hospital in the middle of January, in his pajamas, when your first child had appendicitis …

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