Monthly Archives: June, 2016

June 19, 2016 – Healing the Townspeople – Mtr. Kathryn Boswell

The story of the demon-possessed man is a pretty colorful and dramatic one. It has all the elements of a really scary movie – this wild, naked man who cuts himself with stones and who is so strong he can break any chains that people tried to bind him with, living alone in the graveyards …

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June 12, 2016, Enemies. What Are You Gonna Do? – Carroll Boswell, guest speaker

To listen to this sermon, click here:  121020_001 Let’s start this way. Picture in your mind one person you regard as an enemy. I am not talking about public enemies like ISIS; make it personal to yourself. I bet many of you are having a hard time coming up with even a single enemy; we …

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June 5, 2016, Seeing the Overlooked – Mtr. Kathryn Boswell

To listen to this sermon, click here:  121013_001 We all grew up learning history by learning about important people. History books are always about the important people – mostly men, people with power, people with money, people who did big, important things. Modern textbooks, more enlightened textbooks, make an effort to find important people who …

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