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Apr. 15, 2012 Easter 2 John’s First Big Idea: Incarnation

The season of Easter doesn’t end when we have finished our Easter dinner leftovers and put our wilting pots of Easter lilies on the back porch. Easter, the celebration of our new life in Christ, continues on for 50 days and ends with the wonderful feast of Pentecost, when we celebrate the pouring out of …

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Apr. 8, 2012 Easter “The Testimony of Witnesses”

Never believe anything just because you read it on the internet, or hear about it on television, or most especially because you see it pictured on the front of those newspapers in the checkout line at the grocery store. We live in the information age – there are facts in abundance; both true and completely …

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Apr. 7, 2012 Easter Vigil “Walk in Newness of Life”

I think that almost everyone in this room has had the experience of finding out about the birth of a new baby – remember that moment when you learned that you, or your wife, or your sister or mother or friend, was carrying a new life. There was a person in the world now who …

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