June 4, 2017, Pentecost Sunday – Guest speaker, Helen I. Harris

To listen to this sermon, click here:  Z0000026

Pentecost – the coming of the Holy Spirit. The festival and feast fifty days after the Passover. Where the disciples and Mary were most likely gathered along with many people in what was called the upper room. A strong wind descended upon them like an explosion and filled the area where they were sitting. Can you imagine being there and seeing what might have been light, a white film of wind coming at you.

They were filled with gifts of the Holy Spirit and were able to speak in different languages, in different tongues as the Spirit gave them the ability. God had promised His Apostles that He would send His Holy Spirit on Pentecost, they were granted the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Before Jesus ascended into heaven he promised his disciples that he would send the Holy Spirit to give them wisdom and strength to spread the Gospel throughout the world.

The Apostles began to preach the Gospel in the different languages. The Jews that were gathered there could now understand them. The crowd actually thought the Apostles were drunk because they were all speaking unfamiliar languages. The Apostle Peter had to address the crowd to let the people know that they were not drunk.

God initiated the great gift of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost so we can begin to be like him and share his holiness and develop our Christian character.
We are all led by the Holy Spirit. He is working in our lives. He has feelings. In Romans, Paul referred to the “love of the Spirit” having emotion. The bible portrays the Holy Spirit as one having all the characteristics of personality. It makes sense then for us to think of Him as a person. The Holy Spirit is a person, a divine person. We should never refer to the Spirit as “it.” We should think of the Spirit as “he” or “him.” He is God, God the Holy Spirit, one of the three persons of the Trinity. He is equal with the Father and the Son but has his own unique activities.

Have you ever prayed to the Holy Spirit? He already knows all about us. When we are filled with the Spirit, He dwells within us. He leads and guides us. When we become Christians, we are sealed into Christ Jesus and are protected for our entire life with Him.

The Spirit is poured out on Pentecost and indwells our very bodies as a true and living person. Our worship of God must include worship of the Holy Spirit. As the “Doxology” says, “Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.”

Paul used the language of indwelling when describing how the Spirit is related to us. Our bodies are temples in which the Holy Spirit is in us given to us from God as Christians. A gift given to us at Baptism. The Spirit dwells in our hearts.

Have you ever had someone say to you your eyes shine, you look different to me? When we are filled with the Spirit we feel good, and sometimes our light shines. Our lives become filled with good behavior, faithfulness and kindness and goodness.

So, on this day of Pentecost, let your Spirit shine forth.

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