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February 28, 2021, Life Is Not a Game of Candyland, Mark 8:31-38 – Mtr. Kathryn Boswell

To listen to this sermon, click here:  Z0000240 So, we seem to be doing a lot of harping on the theme of travel these days. If you’re reading the Lenten devotional that I sent out this year, you know that the theme that binds the different authors and writings together is the theme of pilgrimage, …

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September 3, 2017, Look for the Helpers – Mtr. Kathryn Boswell

To listen to this sermon, click here:  Z0000040 The wonderful and wise Mr. Rogers used to say, “Always look for the helpers” It was something he remembered his mother telling him when he was a little child and the world seemed like a scary place to live. “Always look for the helpers.” she told him. …

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March 29, 2013, Good Friday – The PT of the Cross

To listen to this sermon, click here: The PT of the Cross I passed on an email this past week that I received from Deacon Pat, about little Natalie TaRiele, who was seriously injured in a car accident one year ago. She was just seven years old when the accident happened. Natalie has been on …

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