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February 21, 2021, Three Companions, Mark 1:9-13 – Mtr. Kathryn Boswell

To listen to this sermon, click here: Z0000239 In the Ash Wednesday service, just four days ago now, I read from the Book of Common Prayer, an invitation to the holy season of Lent. We know that the word “Lent” isn’t in the Bible, just like the words “Easter” and “Christmas” aren’t in the Bible. …

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March 1, 2017, Ash Wednesday – It’s Quiet Out There – Mtr. Kathryn Boswell

No recording is available for this sermon. Preachers and writers, people like me, are very fond of using the image of the desert when they talk about Lent. It’s a good image for several reasons. One reason is that the forty days of Lent remind us of the forty years the people of Israel spent …

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