Military stoles project

Sgt. Apollo Stoewer, who has been the contact person in getting these stoles sent out to the military chaplains who need them, sent these photographs (Sgt. Stoewer is the priest celebrating the Eucharist in the last photo)



Susan Newman, who did the embroidery on the stoles for us, writes: “Presently we have six stoles for Air Force Chaplains being made and Six for Navy Chaplians.I am hoping to round them up soon. There are 250 camo yarmulkas for the Jewish soldiers made and being blessed at a temple in Long Island. There are another 250 being made by the Temple sisters in another temple in Long Island. Another 90 or so are being made here and blessed in VA and another 90 being done in GA. Some are for the AF and Navy as well.”

Praise God for the many hands who worked on these stoles, and for Elizabeth Morgan, who organized this project. Thanks also to our own Karen Morgan, who spent many hours sewing the stole that was sent out from St. Philip’s with our blessings and messages, and with the special blessing of Bp. Love.

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